Ludacris – Money ft. Rick Ross


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Ludacris – Money (feat. Rick Ross)

Enjoy this amazing throwback song from Ludacris titled “Money” alongside “Rick Ross” and right here for stream and download below.

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(feat. Rick Ross)

(“Money, forget the mo-ney”)

(“Money”) The root of all evil deceivin’
Cause even my closest people tryin’ to get me for my (“money”)
Cause envy breeds jealousy
Jealousy breeds HATE, they on the taste for the (“money”)
Now where do I begin?
They send you out to reel you back in and it’s all for the (“money”)
Cause envy breeds jealousy
Jealousy breeds HATE, they on the taste for the (“money”)
(“Get you some, money”)

Hahaha, yeah…
My biggest gift and my curse
More money, more problems, tell me what’s worse
Gettin’ audited by the government, givin’ up millions to the IRS
or havin’ to take a paternity test from a BITCH I never met! (oh!)
I’m gettin’ sued by my own family member (what?)
All cause my dog bit her
And she was the one who walked up and put her hand out and now she got her hand out
It’s drivin’ me crazy, almost as if this shit was planned OUT! (fuck~!)
What else can anybody do to me? It ain’t new to me
when every time I turn around another money hungry motherfucker suin’ me
Truthfully (ohh!) I’ve had it up to here
And it don’t help that Forbes reports what I’m makin every year
They listen closely! And I was really simonized
that I was told to go to school, graduate and get a job
But I’m a hip-hop cash king, rapper from the South
And everybody wants the easy way out, and it’s all for the


Yeah, rappers foreclosin’ on their houses (fo’real)
Can’t keep up the payments, they owe a couple hundred THOU-sand (oh!)
Say they makin’ millions and bills steady pillin’
Diamonds on they neck, they kids’ stomach out here growlin’ (rrrr!)
Get your priorities in order nigga
You talk about it, but you really can’t afford it nigga
That car you bought depreciated once you drove off
No wonder why baby momma wanna knock your FUCKIN’ nose off! (BLAHH!)
Half the industry goin’ bankrupt
You see ’em smilin’ in the club with their drinks up (cheers)
Don’t let that television fool ya
Off camera they sweatin’ and stressin’, my young students, let me school ya
The diamonds ain’t worth half what you bought them for (no)
Soon all that Gucci don’t fit and now you out of dough
One day your pocket’s alright and now they all wrong
Fuck you gon’ do when it’s all gone? Talkin’ ’bout the


[Rick Ross:]
Lemme talk to these hoes, woadie

Uhh {“M-M-M-M”}
Uh, imagine bein’ worth a 100 mil’
Your potentials of havin’ a billion is only real
Images, more bitches and they named in your will
A new Mercedes, a baby, your aim was to chill
You choose a pussy or pop a bottle, grow half a mil’
All you wanted was some entertainment
All she wanted was some litigation
Exploitin’ a simple penetration
Tellin’ the courtroom that I’m being evasive
She wanted to walk into the SunTrust
She made me sign over my little son’s trust
Take away the joy my little daughter brings
Bitch even wanted to take my daughter’s rings
Misfortunes of a rich nigga
You watch BET while she look at the big picture
HUH! {“Maybach Music”}


The best things in life are earned, not bought


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