Lil Yachty – R Kelly Vibes


Lil Yachty - Birthday Mix 5

Lil Yachty comes through with another new record titled “R Kelly Vibes” and right here for stream and download below.

Listen up and share your thoughts. Available below.


Yeah (Herv, what it do?)

My timin’ is rich, my diamonds are different
Uppin’ the ranking, big with the bankin’ (Yeah)
Low with the press, no blocks for the boy
Hop in the coupe, she look tight like a minute (Skrrt)
This bitch a ten and a ten, I’m in it (Yeah)
White teeth, bitch, FaceTime in the kitchen (Ha)
Fuck her two times, oh well, good riddance
Border ego in a room full of pigeons
Throw me that pussy, one hand catch, dig in’
Coupe like I’m white like Andy Griffin
I cannot stress it
Ho did the boys and the girls get thе message
Give hеr some ecs’, I hope that she blessin’
If she get mad she tryna arrest me, she wanna sex me
These niggas pounds like the fresh level chest piece
Why would they test me?
Why would they press me?
Run up that sack, need a ESPY
Fuck on that bitch, I got technique (Uh)
Bro had a stretch where his Tec be
Bitches be actin’ like they know me
Knowin’ damn well they ain’t meet me
Me, me, me, fill in Maybach, couple freaks
Lames get treats, mmm


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