2pac Never Copied Nas Despite Recent Claims from Esco


2pac Never Copied Nas Despite Recent Claims from Esco
2pac Never Copied Nas Despite Recent Claims from Esco

For whatever reason, people are still trying to twist the narrative of 2pac Shakur, after his death. With the exception of Shock G, Monster Kody and Kurupt, there’s rarely a time ANY RAPPER he’s worked with, keep it a hundred on 2pac.

Yes, his former so-called friends, are out here telling lies on radio stations and interview, giving their own remix to what really happened. This continued a few days ago, when Nas was on Ebro in the Morning and said that 2pac’s Euphanasia Pendant was inspired by a Queensbridge piece.

That was never the case, because that QB chain wasn’t made when 2pac was alive. So, this is flagrant on Nas part to make these claims in front of a next generation of children.

2pac was a huge Nas fan and openly felt he was the biggest threat to his status and Death Row – more than Biggie. He even was listening to Illmatic during his infamous court case, that sent him away to jail. So, the admiration for Escobar was always mutual.

Then, we noticed Nasir Jones wearing bandanas, getting a Godson tattoo across his chest and even got on a cross – like the Makaveli album cover. This is the norm, because Pac is the most influential rapper of all-time, whether he’s liked by the industry or not.

Three days before 2pac died, he made peace with Nas and the rest of Queensbridge, during his last visit to New York City. This meant a lot to Pac, because Fat Joe was essentially the only person in mainstream that he had a good relationship with.

So, yeah, Makaveli is still most influential rapper, even after 25 years beyond his passing. Shouts to Nas for always paying homage to Pac, which a lot of the legends never mention him in public.



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